sorry I dropped a piano on you @eriksohlstrom
#shenzhen #mrpalmwillseeyounow 😂 @andreaspalmz
hands up #hongkong #commute (at New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel 千禧新世界香港酒店)
6438 cuts in 5 days. No sleep but so much fun. What a great chaotic team effort! Thanks to all involved. Jay-Z / #Beyonce On the run,  tonight on HBO.
Last show done! 70 cameras shot. Editing musicfilm is of course about selecting the best shots. But I’ve always been fascinated about how much you are able to do in the editprocess by pacing, timing and cutting in a musical way, that can enhance, or change, the experience of the film. For me, editing is an art-form. Maybe one of the most hidden ones? Props to all great editors out there! #jayc #beyonce #ontherun
all scissors ready! Editing this show together for jay-z / beyonce with @jonasakerlund for the HBO special of the concert next week. usually a show takes a few months to edit properly. we’re aiming to do it in less than 6 days on. New invented workflows and one of the best teams should I could ask for will make it work! … Sleepless nights starts now! #editing #ontherun
nyc in paris
happy birthday syrguppen @andreaspalmz #bikerdude
@therealashsmith is boss. one of my lookbook shots for #agentprovocateur aw14 #lesalon
zup #girlfriendz
chair up #bucharest
prepping for shoot in #bucharest #onmyway #mercedes
a few months ago I was nervous as fuck for my biggest stills campaign to date - happy and relieved to see it rolling out today #agentprovocateur #LeSalon @themissap
cruising #Bucharest today with Manuela the driver #scouting  (at Calea Crângasi Bucureşti)